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Thread: 6 States With 2018 Gambling Bills In The Works

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    6 States With 2018 Gambling Bills In The Works

    Massachusetts online gambling
    Massachusetts is well-informed when it comes to iGaming.
    Lawmakers have been considering legislation for a couple years now, and the momentum seems to be picking up.

    New Hampshire online gambling
    New Hampshire has already dipped a toe into online gambling, but its plans for the future are unclear.

    In January, Rep. Eric Schleien introduced H 562, simply titled “Allowing online gambling.” The bill was very short, and it didn’t attempt to establish the framework for iGamimg.
    Instead, it simply moved to decriminalize the activity for residents, essentially opening the state up to national and international markets.

    New York online poker
    New York has been toying with online poker players’ emotions for a couple years.

    Sen. John Bonacic and Assemblyman Gary Pretlow are the two key players in New York. Each of them chair the Racing, Gaming,
    and Wagering Committee in their respective chambers, and they’re the two trying to push legislation through.

    In 2016, the Senate advanced Bonacic’s bill to legalize “certain interactive poker games.” S 5302 had passed through committee easily, a
    nd the Senate passed it by a count of 53-5. Pretlow had a matching bill on file in the House, but both of the bills stalled in his committee.

    Rhode Island online gambling
    Rhode Island has yet to consider iGaming legislation, but that may change this year.

    Michigan online gambling
    Michigan is as prepared as any state to dig into online gambling. When lawmakers return to session on Jan. 10
    they’ll likely be presented with at least one iGaming bill.

    Rep. Brandt Iden is the one driving the conversation. Iden introduced H 4926 in September, aimed at widespread legalization.
    The bill advanced out of committee right at the tail end of the year, and the progress could foreshadow more movement in 2018.

    Illinois online gambling
    Online gambling legislation is tantalizingly close to the finish line in Illinois.

    In 2017, Rep. Michael Zalewski introduced H 479, which ended up being a vehicle for iGaming legislation.
    The Senate loaded it up with both fantasy sports and online gaming language before passing it in May.


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    Re: 6 States With 2018 Gambling Bills In The Works

    I would love for NY to legalize casinos as well as poker!!

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    Re: 6 States With 2018 Gambling Bills In The Works

    this is awesome news!!!!

    Thanks Vixen

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