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Thread: $81,885 Jackpot Hit On Tunzamunni Slot

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    $81,885 Jackpot Hit On Tunzamunni Slot

    Luck isn’t something you can just call upon whenever you feel like it.
    As a matter of fact, Naoki felt like Lady Luck had abandoned him when he got down to his last $20 playing Tunzamunni!
    She clearly had a change of heart though, because barely moments later he landed a jackpot win!

    An easy-going kind of guy, 35-year-old Naoki didn’t feel the need for the fancy frills and features of a video slot.
    Tunzamunni’s classic fruit machine design and progressive jackpot caught his eye.
    Add to that the potentially high winnings from a $0.25 stake, and it was fast becoming a favourite slot.

    It was at that point that his luck decided to leave him, but not for long! We asked him what that felt like. He said,
    “it put me in a terrible mood. I was just on a losing streak, and I couldn’t catch a break. I didn’t feel like playing anymore,
    but I decided I’d play until my account was empty and call it a day. I’m glad I did!”

    Down to his last $20, Naoki hit the Tunzamunni jackpot and landed $81,885! “It’s a curious thing,” said Naoki,
    “the harder I try to win, I don’t get anything, but when I was just trying to finish the game, this happens.
    When the game told me that I’d won the jackpot, I just stared at the screen and said, ‘Seriously?’”

    A long-time Vera & John Casino fan, Naoki had this piece of advice for anyone just starting out,
    “don’t let yourself get too heated.
    Sometimes you’re going to feel like your luck’s left you, the important thing is not to give up, because one day your chance will come!”

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    Re: $81,885 Jackpot Hit On Tunzamunni Slot

    Wow how awesome!!

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    Re: $81,885 Jackpot Hit On Tunzamunni Slot

    I can't even imagine!!

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