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Thread: Combo Boosts And Cash Outs At Redbet

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    Combo Boosts And Cash Outs At Redbet

    Combo Boosts And Cash Outs At Redbet

    redbet is the home of Combo Boosts and Cash Outs

    Place a pre-event straight combo bet with 5 selections or more and if it comes in,
    we will boost your winnings by up to 60%! The more selections in your bet slip,
    the more we boost your winnings!

    It’s as easy as that!

    'Extra Winnings’ are credited as follows:
    5-fold - 10%
    6-fold - 15%
    7-fold - 20%
    8-fold - 25%
    9-fold - 30%
    10-fold - 35%
    11-fold - 40%
    12-fold - 45%
    13-fold - 50%
    14-fold - 55%
    15+ fold - 60% bonus.

    The redbet ‘Cash-Out’ feature provides two distinct types of Cash-Out
    for our players to choose from;

    Full Cash-Out; Upon clicking the “Cash-Out” option a player will take the entirety
    of the funds on offer therefore the original bet in question will no longer stand.

    Partial Cash-Out; By selecting a partial Cash-Out, a player can get their hands on
    any offered amount but also leave a percentage of their original stake “to run”.
    Essentially it offers security,
    as a player is guaranteed funds from their selection but can also leave a portion
    of their original
    bet to play through and “see how it goes”.

    So, if you fancy a flutter, be it a Saturday accumulator on the footie or a 5-fold
    on the day’s tennis, redbet is the place to do it!

    Terms and conditions

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    Re: Combo Boosts And Cash Outs At Redbet

    Thanks so much Anne!

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    Re: Combo Boosts And Cash Outs At Redbet

    Thanks Anne!

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