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Thread: High Noon JP At Glossy Bingo

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    High Noon JP At Glossy Bingo

    High Noon JP At Glossy Bingo

    Sometimes, a Roomies gotta do what a Roomies gotta do and come midday
    there’s a fistful of dollars to be made with our ‘High Noon Jackpot’ games.

    Swing by for the most rootin’ tootin’ Bingo in the West (or at least The Broadway
    Room) where you can ride off into the sunset with Jackpots starting at £50 all
    the way up £500, plus tickets start from just 14p!

    So saddle up, pop on your double denim and we’ll see you in the Broadway
    room from 11:30am every day.

    Also in the Broadway room:

    Everybody's Jackpot: Community JP 3pm-4pm everyday. When a player wins
    the jackpot in the required number of balls or less, all other players who bought
    tickets in the winning game share 50% of the jackpot (the more tickets you buy,
    the higher your community share).
    PJP The Big One!: Playing on the hour throughout the day in the Broadway
    room, there’s extra chances to win between 5pm-6pm & 8pm-9pm with a PJP
    every 10-15 minutes. The Jackpot continues to grow until we have a winner! Get
    Bingo in 45 balls or less, and the PJP TheBigOne is yours. Tickets 25p.
    Fab4 Jackpot: Every game gives you not one but 4 chances to win a Jackpot!
    There's never been more chances to WIN BIG Jackpots! Get Bingo in 42 balls or
    less to win £3,500! Land it in the next 7 (43-49 balls) to win £400, get it in 50-55
    balls for a £80 Jackpot and if no-ones won it by then, call Bingo in 56-58 balls for
    a £20 Jackpot! One JP – 4 chances to win!

    Glossy Bingo

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    Re: High Noon JP At Glossy Bingo

    Thanks Anne!

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    Re: High Noon JP At Glossy Bingo

    Thanks Anne

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    Re: High Noon JP At Glossy Bingo

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