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Thread: Hot Seat At Fly Casino (Playtech)

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    Hot Seat At Fly Casino (Playtech)

    Hot Seat At Fly Casino (Playtech)

    The Hot Seat promotion is the most exciting and rewarding
    promotion we offer, and it is available to everyone! Itís

    It is a very simple promotion yet incredibly fun and exciting.
    Everything is based on how often you play at Fly Casino.

    All you have to do is warm up your seat by playing at any of your favorite
    games throughout a month and you WILL win up to $500!

    How to Win:

    Itís easy! For each qualifying gaming day that you play you will be awarded
    with one Hot Seat Point. The more days that you play, the hotter your
    seat gets and the more cash you win. Play 28 days or more during the
    promotional period you WILL win $500.00!

    This is over and above our cash loyalty rewards program, weekly specials
    and other special events.

    Prize Chart:

    'Chilly' 5-6 Days Played $15
    'Warming' 7-11 Days Played $40
    'Warmer' 12-17 Days Played $105
    'Toasty' 18-22 Days Played $215
    'Hot' 23-27 Days Played $330
    'JACKPOT HOT' 28+ Days Played $500

    Fly Casino is powered by Playtech software

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    Re: Hot Seat At Fly Casino (Playtech)

    Thanks Anne!

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    Re: Hot Seat At Fly Casino (Playtech)

    Thanks Anne!

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