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Thread: Jurassic Slots Video Slot Reviewed At Liberty Slots Casino (WGS Technology)

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    Jurassic Slots Video Slot Reviewed At Liberty Slots Casino (WGS Technology)

    Jurassic Slots Video Slot Reviewed At Liberty Slots Casino

    There is a new slot, Jurassic Video Slot at Liberty Slots Casino! One that is of historic proportions! Jurassic Slots is a
    25 line slot powered by WGS Technology. Players can bet as little as .01 on one line or as much as $10 ($250) on
    all 25 lines.

    I have to say that this is a very engaging slot. It does not say that it is, but it appears to be modeled after the Jurassic
    Park Movies. When the slot first opens the player is shown clips of a "team" landing on an island that we discover is
    inhabited by dinosaurs.

    The symbols in the game are all reflective of this team and the dinosaurs they encounter. For example, there is a woman
    holding a gun, there is a helicopter, and a jeep. There are also many different dinosaurs, a scatter symbol, a bonus symbol
    and a volcano which explodes when triggered.

    All of the symbols are animated. When you land on a winning combination that symbol will "come to life". If you land 3
    or more women with the gun, she shoots her gun. If you land a winning combination of triceratops he shakes his head
    and stomps his foot. All of the symbols are different, one dinosaur even loses his skin, leaving behind skeletal remains!
    Very entertaining.

    The wild symbol in this game is the T-Rex. When he is combined with a winning combination he turns his head and lets out
    an all mighty ROAR!! I was scared....sort of....ok not really, but, I found that I hit a lot of wilds and this is a good thing.
    I did not have to spin forever to land on one.

    The Scatter symbols consist of the word "Scatter" surrounded by leaves and foliage. If you land 3 or more of the scatter
    symbols it triggers the Free Spins round. You are awarded 10 free spins with the t-Rex wild staying put through out
    the rest of your spins. So if you win the 10 free spins and your first spin lands a T-Rex, he will stay in that position for
    the remainder of your spins. Other wilds may be accumulated as well.

    The bonus round is fabulous. It is triggered when 3 or more Bonus Symbols (Dinosaur eggs) land on a pay line. There
    are three rounds to the Bonus round. In the first round you are transported to the laboratory. Here you are given the
    option of choosing one of the laboratory's figures. For example, you may choose the television monitors, or the plasma
    screen etc. Choosing one of these items will reveal a prize amount.

    Next it is on to round two. In round two you are shown a map of the island. There are 6 different spots on the map that
    you may choose from. These include the helicopter landing pad, the light house and the jeep, to name a few. After choosing
    your spot on the map your final amount is awarded.

    In the third round you are shown 3 seperate doors. You must choose one to reveal your prize. The thing I really like about
    this slot is the sound. The dinos all have noises that they make, and when you spin the wheels of the slot there is a flash of
    light and a loud sound. There is also some very dramatic music playing in the background.This all really adds to the ambiance
    of the slot.

    The final run down for this slot is as follows: An exciting day at the park! Watch the doggies, they bite! Bring lots of treats to
    tame the beast and don't forget your sense of adventure, you'll need it!

    I suggest you head on over to Vegas2Web Casino and give this new slot game a go. While there
    why not take advantage of their $1000 Welcome Bonus which includes a 100% first deposit bonus.

    Liberty Slots Casino - $100 free casino bonus
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    Re: Jurassic Slots at English Harbour Casino

    This slot looks really cool!

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    Re: Jurassic Slots at English Harbour Casino

    It is cool! I love this slot!!

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    Re: Jurassic Slots at English Harbour Casino

    You can hit really good on this slot!!

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    Re: Jurassic Slots Video Slot Reviewed At Liberty Slots Casino (WGS Technology)

    They use this slot a lot for the Slot Freerolls so I get a chance to play it quite often!

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