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Thread: Las Vegas gambling market ‘much more than sports bets’

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    Las Vegas gambling market ‘much more than sports bets’


    AGA study shows strong support for legal betting
    Las Vegas gambling market ‘much more than sports bets’
    Despite fears that Nevada’s gambling industry could suffer if other states allow legal sports betting, the American Gaming Association says Nevada
    will not be harmed and demand for sports betting services will continue. Tourism in Las Vegas continues to grow and visitors come for the variety
    of games and attractions, ensuring that competition for sports betting should not inflict any damage on the industry.

    Las Vegas is to be the testing ground for legal sports betting where professional teams are in action, with a soccer team and a hockey team moving to the city.
    Opponents of sports betting claim that betting on games risks the sport’s integrity as it could lead to dishonest play.
    However, the AGA feels that managing the industry closely will overcome these issues.

    “A regulated and transparent market is the best approach for ensuring integrity in the sports.”

    Vegas welcomes NHL and soccer teams
    Among the most vocal opponents of legal sports betting in the US are the commissioners of national sporting leagues,
    who tend to feel that betting on sports risks the integrity of the game. Introducing money-making to games could open the door for corruption and match-fixing,
    so officials in sports often take a position against legalizing sports bets.

    However, some leagues are warming to the concept of sports betting and also fantasy sports games, which fall under the gambling category in most states.
    “Today’s fans are seeking greater engagement with the sports, teams and players they enjoy,” said Geoff Freeman in an Associated Press interview recently.
    Las Vegas has welcomed a new NHL team and a new USL team in recent months,
    while the NBA and even the NFL have shown more tolerance towards the idea of legal sports betting.

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    Re: Las Vegas gambling market ‘much more than sports bets’

    Thanks vixen

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    Re: Las Vegas gambling market ‘much more than sports bets’

    I love Vegas!

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