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Thread: MegaJackpots Cluedo & Monoploy Slots!

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    MegaJackpots Cluedo & Monoploy Slots!

    MegaJackpots® Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus™

    This is an entertainment orientated game which incorporates the world’s most successful gaming brand and a chance to win the largest Jackpot ever online! – The Jackpot is in the millions! The game is available in multi-denominations and multi-currency, this 9-payline slot game has 2 completely amazing bonuses. The Pass “GO” Bonus allows you to play the world's most popular board game, Monopoly for stacks of cash, and the Chance Win Spin Bonus gives you free spins until you win, win, win! All of this plus our exciting gamble feature means the player will have the chance to win a lot more than just Monopoly money!
    Games features: 5 reels. 9-paylines.
    Top award: Jackpot

    MegaJackpots® Cluedo with Free Spin Mystery Bonus™

    The Cluedo mansion may look foreboding, but vast riches are awaiting you inside. Available in multi-denominations and multi-currency, this game features 20-paylines of classic murder mystery fun together with the world’s most successful 5-reel math model. The Mystery Bonus allows the player to earn 15 free spins on a secret set of golden reels where all wins are tripled (except for 5 MegaJackpots® symbols). Multiple bonus re-triggers are possible with a chance to win up to 180 free spins! If you use the max bet, each free spin is also another free chance to win the largest Jackpot ever – in the millions!
    Games features: 5 reels. 20-paylines.
    Top award: Jackpot

    Let the power of the wolf lead you to an amazing fortune! Wolf Run® has a 40 paylines for more action, Stacked wilds for exciting big wins, with a super-rich Free Spins bonus.

    Every reel features stacks of four or more Wild symbols. These Wild symbols can line up to trigger a huge number of simultaneous wins! Get three Bonus symbols on the middle three reels, and nighttime descends as you progress to the Free Spins bonus.

    Under the rich glow of moonlight, you are given 5 free spins on the lucrative bonus reels. These reels are richer than standard, with extra Stacked Wilds and extra Bonus symbols.

    You can retrigger the Free Spins bonus multiple times and win up to 255 free spins.

    With all of this big money potential in Wolf Run, who knows "howl" much you'll win!

    Get three Bonus symbols on the middle three reels to start the Free Spins Bonus. Your effective bet for these free spins is your total bet when you triggered the Free Spins Bonus. The bonus reels contain even more Stacked Wilds and Bonus symbols than the main game reels. Start the Free Spins Bonus with 5 free spins. The bonus is retriggered by getting three Bonus symbols on a free spin, which award you an additional 5 free spins (up to a maximum of 255 free spins for your entire bonus). The total bonus win is the sum of all awards won from your free spins.


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    Re: MegaJackpots Cluedo & Monoploy Slots!

    If you want to see a better list of some of the coolest slots they have at this casino visit this page here...


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