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Thread: Universal Championship of Poker 2017 At 32Red Poker

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    Universal Championship of Poker 2017 At 32Red Poker

    Universal Championship of Poker 2017 At 32Red Poker

    Poker players like to win, so at 32Red Poker we’re running the competition of all competitions between 10-24 September, namely the Universal Championship of Poker (UCOP).

    Of course, it’s good to be called the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe, and the prize fund for this fantastic tournament series reflects the title - a guaranteed €750,000 in prizes, with the ultimate winner receiving €5,000 (plus the trophy, of course). We’re also adding a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package to the mix exclusively for 32Red players – win UCOP, and it’s yours!

    Universal Championship of Poker Schedule

    To keep track of your progress during the UCOP simply follow our €10,000 leaderboard, with your mission being to finish at the top and collect the trophy, €5,000 and the title, which must be earned…

    Universal Championship of Poker 2017 Leaderboard Prizes

    *Leaderboard points for each UCOP event are calculated as follows: Tournament buy-in amount * (total entrants / your finishing place in the place)

    Obviously, the competition revolves around poker, but you don’t become the Universal Champion of Poker by just winning and cashing a few tournaments. There’s more to it than that. The UCOP winner should be an ambassador for the game, and an important part of the championship is promoting poker while you play.

    With this in mind, there is an additional €5,000 leaderboard for those players streaming their UCOP play on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Live. You’ll be awarded 100 points for each event streamed, 250 for the most interesting daily stream and 50 for each final table.

    Universal Championship of Poker Leaderboard Prizes

    Universal Championship of Poker 2017 Leaderboard Prizes

    Each event streamed = 100 points

    You must tweet @ThrillOfPoker with a link to your stream.
    Your poker alias and the 32Red Poker logo must be clearly visible.
    The stream must be publicly accessible worldwide.
    Recorded stream must be accessible after the event has completed.

    Most interesting daily stream = 250 points

    Awarded at our discretion, the player with the most thrilling stream each day of the series will win 250 points. The award may be given to the player with the best commentary, highest quality stream, best promotional gimmick, or anything else deemed to contribute to an exciting stream by management.

    Final table bonus = 50 points

    Awarded to players who stream a final table and can be won once per each event final table streamed.

    Promoting the game is key, so check out the tournament schedule, get you’re A-game ready and share your time at the tables during UCOP to give yourself the best chance of becoming the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe! Good luck, and have fun...

    Terms and Conditions

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    Re: Universal Championship of Poker 2017 At 32Red Poker

    Thanks Anne!

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