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Thread: Welcome Bonus At Redbet Poker

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    Welcome Bonus At Redbet Poker

    Welcome Bonus At Redbet Poker

    1st Deposit bonus 200% up to €2,000

    LITTLE FISH: Deposit €10 for a bonus of €20; every time you spend €1 on
    tournament fees or rake, 50c cash will pop up in your balance. Basically, we’re
    making all your fees half price because you’re a new player and this way you’ll
    get more games for your money!

    You will also earn loyalty points (known as redbits) when you play; redbits can
    be exchanged for cash or tournament tickets.

    Click the download button to install the poker tables on your device.

    You’ll be guided through the process of setting up the client, and will need to think
    of a name you want to be known by at the table.

    Ask us if you need any help, we’re just here, playing online poker, waiting to hear
    from you!

    BIG FISH: Deposit €11 - €200 for a 200% deposit bonus with a release rate of 25%.

    CARDBOARD BOX: Deposit €201+ for a deposit bonus of up to €2,000 with a release
    rate of 20%.

    Terms and Conditions

    1) All redbet main terms and conditions of play apply.
    2) We know smaller depositors are getting a better earning rate, it’s not a mistake;
    redbet cares about improving the poker economy and new/inexperienced players are
    more likely to make smaller deposits. We want to make their money last longer.
    3) You have 60 days to meet the earning requirements for your bonus level.
    4) Bonus money is released in increments and this information will be available in the
    client once you have deposited. Go to My Account>View My Bonuses and you’ll see
    details of your bonus progress.
    5) Have fun!

    Redbet Poker

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    Re: Welcome Bonus At Redbet Poker

    Thanks so much Anne!

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    Re: Welcome Bonus At Redbet Poker

    Thanks Anne!

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    Re: Welcome Bonus At Redbet Poker

    Thanks Anne!

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