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hi Dani i was wondering when the new exclusive tourney for March 2019 at Kudos will be coming out i looked for a thread and couldn't find one thank to you and all the staff for all you do hope to see the thread soon
There is nothing you can do to make me return. Nothing is wrong I just need to find my mojo, I'll be back soon :)
have you heard lucky club not allowing withdrawl from bitrcoin after allowing the deposit via bitcoin
How long does it usually take once a contest is closed to find out who won???please and thank you��
hi sorcer3ss
Yesterday I recevied newsletter from streak gaming after review PM inbox readed I was a winner in contest amazon 30 raffe. I am not very often active in your forum. My happiness changed very fast toconfused cause looks liike I am late already to get my prize. I will precieted if in exception still can be awarded