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$400 'Mask of Atlantis' Exclusive Slot Freeroll at Grande Vegas, Slotastic & Jackpot Capital Casino

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Oct 1, 2022
Hello, I finally made it back, Cutting it pretty close this time.
But I have an excuse, you see I was out doing a little scuba diving and exploring the depths when I found a cave opening. I wasn't expecting that and was filled with excitement. Without thinking twice I plunged into the dark hole, my mind filling with images of the wonders I might find.
To my amazement I came upon a gate that seemed to be locked. Looking around, my eyes were drawn to a flashing red light in the corner. On closer inspection I found a small screen flashing one word. Password:

I suddenly remembered that I was underwater and quickly looked at my oxygen meter, I was dangerously low and I needed to get to the surface before I ran out, The fear for my life pushed all else out of my mind and I hastily exited the cave and swam to the surface. I made it with little time to spare. Whew, that was close! When the adrenaline released it's grip on my senses I remembered my discovery. I made note of the coordinates wondering where on earth I might find the password. It's a mystery to me.

Excerpt from the Journals of


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Jan 17, 2008
you definitely have a imagination
sent you the password :)


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Jun 24, 2024
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Streak Gaming and at Jackpot Capital, Slotastic and Grande Vegas Casino
have teamed up to bring you this Freeroll Slot Tournament.

This Exclusive Slot Tournament will Start June 1st
and run for 30 Days, post your id and we will send you the password.

Please read full tournament info below!
: Mask of Atlantis
Maximum :10,000 Players
Start Date: June 1st
Duration: 30 days
Registration: 8 hours before start
Buy-In: Free
Add-Ons: Add-On and Re-Buys allowed

: 8 hours before the tournament starts (maximum of 10,000 registrations)
Buy-in: Free Buy In - you will get 5 minutes playing time and 50 Credit
Add-on: $2 + 20 Cent Rake you will bet 2 minutes playing time, 20 credits
Code: Post your Casino ID and we will send you the code to enter in a PM
Prize Pool Starts at $400

*All can take part except bonus excluded players
*Standard Free Chip rules will apply to winnings.
We guarantee a prize pool of $400

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Please sent me the password