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City Bingo Tourney

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Feb 25, 2008
City Bingo Tourney

Throughout November we will run our City Bingo Tourney every

This November, we're changing things up a bit, adding in a new
skin and creating the Urban Bingo Room. So, to celebrate this
exciting new theme, we're going to be holding a City Bingo
Tourney. Throughout November, this tourney will take place every
week between 12:01AM EST on Monday to 11:59PM EST on Tuesday.
It's going to play as the Top of the Hour game as well as the
Mid-hour game. Excitingly, the games for this tourney are Starting
$50.00 Speedie games. And, you don't have to wait for this
tourney to actually kick off. You can grab your cards now for
just $0.50 each. But we're also going to give you an additional
helping hand. If you buy 7 cards, we're going to give you three
more cards completely for free. The top 40 players all get a
piece of the prize pie. And, this prize pool is $3,500.00, which
is available every single week! If you come top of the pile, then
you win a cool $1,500.00 in cash. Additionally, the runners-up
all get their prizes in Free Play Bingo Bonuses. So, join the
city rush and see if you can make it work for you!


A weekly Bingo Tournament consisted of Top of the Hour and
Mid-hour games and a prize pool of $3,500.00 rewarded to the top
40 players with a top prize of $1,500.00 in cash.


The event takes place every week between Monday 12:01AM EST and
Tuesday 11:59PM EST during the month of November.


Join us in the Urban Bingo Room and play the Top of the Hour and
Mid-hour Games with a card cost of $0.50 and an offer of Buy 7
cards get 3 free. Pre-order now!