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Minnesota sports betting bill sponsor says support for a legal market is down

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Jan 17, 2008
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Lawmakers have until May 20 to approve the bill.
Lawmakers have expressed doubt that Minnesota will join the growing number of states that have allowed
legalized Sports Betting, according to an MPR local news report.

The current bill’s sponsor, Senator Matt Klein, shared concerns that a regulated Sports Betting market might not be in the cards anytime soon.

He told MPR News, “If you talked to me a month ago, I would have said we’re at 60% to 70% percent. I think we’re down around 20%.”

Klein went on to add that advocates will make one last push for bipartisan support as the deadline for a decision approaches. He explained that both major parties have had “strained relations” due to a recent burglary charge against Senator Nicole Mitchell.

He said, “It’s just one of those bills where we had supporters and opponents both on the Democratic side and on the Republican side.

“We were going to try to thread that needle and make it work but time is getting short.”

Legislators have until May 20 to decide the fate of statewide Sports Betting.

More than 35 states have established legal and regulated Sports Betting markets since the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) in May 2018, also known as the Bradley Act.

This is not the first time that regulated Sports Betting has been a topic of discussion among state lawmakers. Minnesota has considered opening its commercial market during recent years. A push to legalize Sports Betting gained some traction earlier this session but has fizzled out.