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Illinois Making Last-Minute Effort To Legalize Online Gambling & More

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Jan 14, 2008
This is a developing story and will be updated - SOURCE

A last-minute effort to legalize online gambling, sports betting and daily fantasy sports in Illinois surfaced on Friday.
An amendment presented for Senate Bill 7 would load it up with provisions on all three fronts.
The bill would appear to be an attempt to formally legalize and regulate all three forms of gaming.

There is not actually any authorizing language for any of the verticals. There is placeholder language for each,
however, and the assumption is that language will be added at some point.

The timeline in Illinois
If Illinois is going to act on the legislation in the current session, time is short. The statehouse is supposed to adjourn on Thursday.

The bill is currently in the House Gaming Subcommittee, which is scheduled to have a hearing on Monday at noon local time.
The amendment came from Rep. Robert Rita, who chairs the subcommittee.
That makes it seem far more likely that these efforts will have some legitimate legs in the House.

The It might be more likely that we see the bill readdressed later this year rather than in a few short days.
But little is known about the effort, so far, other than it exists.
There is a possibility the legislature will return in June, or it may wait to return until after November elections.