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Junior Streaker
Mar 30, 2008
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Hey all players and all from streakgaming,

to streakgaming: your link doesnt work!

to players:

i am an onlineplayer since more than 20 years and because of my experiences and backroundinfos from employees of MrGreen and GUTS, DONT play there, MrGreen is always looking on their on profits and fool their players and GUTS are the same, they dont give out normal bonuses since more than a year, just raffles where you have to have three times luck when you deposit and play to have a minimal chance to win some in their .... raffles and they DONT honor their loyal players. Since THREE MONTHS i play there upto daily and NEVER recieved just minimal chances, and when i beg for a thanks for my loyality they say i recieved 10% in bonuses, there is no more room for a bonus or some free spins. These two sites are the biggest joke and should be on blacklists to warn players.

I suggest you to honor the good gamblingportals out there with playing there and not at sites or portals like these.
I dont say where you should better play cause this is not my forum and i dont want to ad for other sites. Its YOUR decission where you play and leave your money ;)

Best greetings to all players and streakers ;)

Wish you all the best of luck and that onlinecasinos and gamblingportals honor your long loyality ;) they earn enough when you play ;)


Staff member
Jan 14, 2008
We have been around for over 15 yrs and I am not really sure what it is you are saying? I can understand your frustraioon with Mr Green and Guts( we no longer actively market for Guts) IF you had come to me with your issues with MG, I would have been more then happy to reach out to a contact there to get some help.

You are more than welcome to not return. You have 62 post and not once have you ever suggested having any type of issue. I hope you have a fab day.