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$15,000 GTD MARCH MADNESS at Everygame

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Feb 25, 2008
$15,000 GTD MARCH MADNESS at Everygame


Win BIG in our March Madness Special! Play your way up to the final and win your share of $15,000 guaranteed in prize money!

March Madness is one of the biggest, most exciting and most fun events in all of sports. Every year since 1939 the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) holds a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams that compete in seven rounds for the national championship. The 2023 event starts on March 12th with Selection Sunday, the day when the Selection Committee reveals the full NCAA tournament bracket, including all teams and all seeds, leads to the Final Four on April 1st and ends with the Championship game two days later on April 3rd.

Make it to the final and win!

This year we thought it's time for a poker event that is worthy of calling itself March Madness. That is why we have come up with a similar schedule of tournament rounds, which you may recognize if you are a fan of the basketball event.

From the 'Round of 32' to 'The Sweet Sixteen', from 'The Elite Eight', to 'The Final Four', you have to show your skills to make it through the rounds. Look forward to thrilling poker action, nerve-wracking decision-making and sweaty heads-up fights as there can only be one winner!
The March Madness Tournament Schedule

The action kicks off on Monday, March 20th with our 'Round of 32' and culminates in our $15,000 guaranteed final on Sunday, April 9th.

No matter if you are a fitness freak or a couch potato, we want all of you to join the action! Therefore we have made it easy to participate and have included different approaches as to how you can make it to our exclusive final.
Round of 32, March 20th to 28th

This is the warm-up phase and there is NO MONEY NEEDED! Just take part in all the available tournaments to secure your ticket(s) for the next round. The more you play, the more tickets you can potentially win, and use in the next round. This is not some cute tip to make you play more, but from the next round on you will NEED the tickets to ENTER most of the tournaments. Yes, there will be a few freeroll and gold chip tournaments available, but you'd better make sure you have more chances to secure your ticket(s) for the next round!

Freerolls and GOLD CHIP tournaments will be waiting for you in our starting round:

March 20th to 28th
several tournaments per day*

March 20th to 28th
several tournaments per day*

* Please check the poker software for the exact starting times.
Sweet SIXTEEN, March 29th to April 2nd

After some nice and easy stretching, it's time to get going. The periods for each round will get shorter, so make sure you make the most out of it!

You will also have the possibility to earn tournament tickets simply by playing poker. For every 10 FPPs earned during this period, you will receive a free entry ticket which can be used in this round (only!). Please note that you will need to choose the tournaments you want to use your tickets for AND register yourself in time, no matter if you've won a ticket in a previous round or by generating the required FPPs.

March 29th to April 2nd
Two to three tournaments per day*

* Please check the poker software for the exact starting times.

March 30th at 8:15 pm Eastern
April 1st at 5:15 pm Eastern

Sweet SIXTEEN Freeroll
March 31st at 8:15 pm Eastern
April 2nd at 6:30 pm Eastern
The Elite EIGHT, April 3rd to 6th

As the name indicates, this is nothing for your average Joe. You will find only 8 tournaments during the 3-day period. If you want to be one step ahead of your opponents then make sure you play at our cash game tables or take part in our other available tournaments, as for every 100 FPPs you will receive an additional ticket for this round to use and sharpening your poker skills never hurts!

April 3rd to 6th
Starting at 2:30 pm & 8:15** pm Eastern

** except for April 4th & 5th

April 4th at 8:15 pm Eastern

Elite EIGHT Freeroll
April 5th at 8:15 pm Eastern
The Final FOUR, April 7th & 8th

This is it, the ultimate challenge before you can advance to the Championship Final. No more Freerolls or gold chip tournaments. The only way to enter this round is to have won a ticket in the 'Elite EIGHT' qualifiers or by earning a ticket if you accumulate 300 FPPs until this period. And your only way to make it to the Championship Final is by taking part in the Final FOUR tournaments, making it into the top 10! Only the 10 best-placed players of each of the Final FOUR tournaments will receive their ticket for the exclusive final!

Final FOUR
April 7th & 8th
Starting at 2:30 pm & 8:15 pm Eastern
The $15,000 GTD Championship Final

Welcome to the club! You've made it and played your way up into our final. This alone is an amazing achievement and deserves recognition. That's why all 40 players will receive an exclusive 'March Madness' goodie bag with some sporty Everygame Poker merchandize!

Make sure you are online and ready to play, the winner will get $5,000 for finishing 1st in this exclusive tournament!

April 9th
Starting at 4 pm Eastern
1st place wins $5,000
Key facts - how to make it to the final

You have two possibilities to make it to the finals. You can either play the available tournaments in each round and win at least one to advance to the next round until you make it to the 'Final FOUR', or you skip the rounds, concentrate on playing the tables and tournaments you like and earn at least 300 FPPs until April 8th, to automatically receive a ticket for the 'Final FOUR'. Then it's up to you and your poker skills to make it into the top 10 in one of the four available tournaments to get your invitation to the '$15,000 GTD Championship

Tournament' on April 9th.

Play the available tournaments in each round, win at least one to receive a ticket for the next round.
Use your Gold Chips and play the related March Madness Gold Chip tournaments, your odds of winning these are way higher than winning a freeroll as there won't be that many opponents.
Instead of playing each round you can also accumulate FPPs to automatically receive tickets upon surpassing each FPP threshold.
The threshold to receive 'Sweet SIXTEEN' tickets is 10 FPPs. Period: March 20th to April 2nd. You can earn up to a maximum of 12 tickets, allowing you to enter all 'Sweet SIXTEEN' events.
The threshold to receive 'Elite EIGHT' tickets is 100 FPPs. Period: March 20th to April 6th. You can earn up to a maximum of 6 tickets, allowing you to enter the 'Elite EIGHT' events.
The threshold to receive 'Final FOUR' tickets is 300 FPPs. Period: March 20th to April 8th. You can earn up to a maximum of 4 tickets, allowing you to enter all 'Final FOUR' events.
The period for accumulating FPPs starts with March 20th, 08:00 GMT, and ends April 8th, 23:59 GMT.
All the FPPs earned from March 20th onwards count for the whole period.
To enter the 'Championship Final' you need one top 10 placement in the 'Final FOUR' tournaments.
Players can use only one entry to the final. Any additional tickets one will be forfeited.
There will be no possibility to be manually added to the 'Championship Final' by our support team and no exceptions will be made.
Make sure you are online if you have won a ticket for the 'Championship Final'. No-shows will post and fold until eliminated.
Players need to register themselves into the tournaments they want to play. There will be no automatic registration except for the 'Championship Final'.
To check on your available tournament tickets, open the poker software, click on 'Lobby' - 'My Tournaments'. Click on the preferred tournament you want to play and click on the 'Use Ticket' button.
There will be no refund for unused 'March Madness' tickets.
The Top 40 players who made it the 'Championship Final' will be contacted via e-mail regarding the merchandize package by Wednesday, April 12th at the latest.