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Martial my dog and home security

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Aug 9, 2015

The name of this dog is Martial. Since five fears ago I bought it thieves have never crossed my house. But before buying it, my family hardly sleep with our two eyes closed at nights. They comes almost every night to vandalise our cars parked inside our compound. We continued crying loudly to the law enforcement agencies to come to our rescue, all to no avail until a friend introduce me to buying this Martial.
Little did one of the thieves know that I have now bought a very strong dog when he stuck. The dog hardly barks but keeps vigil by the gate every night without any pass-aby noticing its presence. That was an opportunity for Martial to unleash its anger on one of the thieves on jumping down into our compound through the fence. The thieve horridly climbed the fence but Martial not only seriously wounded him but tore his cloths into pieces. When morning came, we saw the pieces of his cloth and traces of blood on the ground and scattered on the wall of the fence through which he climbed and ran away and till today martial has freed us from harassment from thieves in our house. Since then also no one comes to our hour without appealing to us to hold Martial to allow him come in safely.
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Jan 8, 2008
Awww thats so great! Unfortunately we couldnt see the pictures of the dog. Dogs are better security than any of these ADT alarm systems!


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Feb 25, 2008
Tho I do not have the same problems that you have mosco, I have a german shepherd in my house and a .45 within easy reach. I sleep very well at night.


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Jan 17, 2008
I'm with you twobears, 2 Australian Shepards in this house, and a few side arms, lol
I sleep pretty well at night also :)

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