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Star Tournaments At Everygame Poker

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Feb 25, 2008
Star Tournaments At Everygame Poker


At Everygame Poker you are not only able to see the stars, you are able to
play them!

Of the roughly 10,000 stars visible to the naked eye, only a few hundred
have been given proper names in the history of astronomy. And of these,
only a handful of the brightest stars have individual proper names not
depending on their asterism, e.g. Sirius ('the scorcher'), Antares ('Rival of
Ares'), Canopus (of uncertain origin), Alphard ('the solitary one'), Regulus
('kinglet'), and arguably Aldebaran ('the follower' [of the Pleiades]) and
Procyon ('preceding the dog' [Sirius]).

If you are frequent tournament player, then some of these names should
already sound familiar. In our ever-growing list of daily tournaments you
will find loads of star-themed tournaments.

From bounty tournaments like MINTAKA, CENTAURUS, SIGNUS or REGULUS
among others, to classic guaranteed tournies like LYRA (with a buy-in of only
$1.10) to VIRGO (Superstack format) and RIGEL (Omaha HiLo), there is a
whole universe of bright stars to discover at Everygame Poker!

Good luck in your future tournaments!

How do I get a seat?

Open the download version of your poker client or start our instant play poker
app and visit our tournament lobby. Check the 'tournament' tab and choose
one of the various star-themed tournaments that are running throughout the